30 Days of Gratitude: Day 01 – What smell are you grateful for today?


Today I got a notification from the keepers of WordPress that A Tale Of A T-Rex celebrated its third birthday.  October 30, 2013, I sat in the studio at work and typed my first post.  I had no idea what would happen over the months, and now years, since that first terrible post.  It’s a bit of a trip to turn back time by revisiting old posts and see the way I thought and lived, and to see how much everything has changed in three years.  So, happy birthday A Tale Of A T-Rex.  Join me in raising a celebratory glass of Dr. Pepper and offering best wishes for many more posts.

The first of those “many more posts” shall kick off the 4th year of A Tale Of A T-Rex.  I found this lists of journaling prompts on Pinterest, and you can find the original post at textmyjournal.com.

I am under the firm belief that, despite how much easier it is for a person to focus on the negativity in life, sometimes you have to force yourself to focus on the positive aspects.  It may be a matter of simply being thankful that you woke up on this side of the grave, or that you actually brushed your hair and put a bra on (something I feel is completely optional on the weekends).  Maybe you got a raise at work, or made a new friend.  Maybe you finally enrolled in that class you’ve been wanting to take, or you managed to find the time for a bath without the kids bothering you.  Every single day has at least one positive moment to be thankful for.  You just have to shove the negative stuff out of the way and see it.

Feel free to join me on the next 30 days of gratitude and thankfulness.  Let’s get started with:

Day 1:  What smell are you grateful for today?

Clean laundry.

I am on vacation this week.  After a super busy Halloween weekend, today was the first chance I have had to sit on my couch and watch stupid daytime programming on television.  I read a couple of chapters in novel.  I put a deep conditioning treatment on my hair (which smelled pretty dang awesome . . . coconut milk, avocado, banana, and honey).  The only responsible, grown-uppy, housework-type activity I did today was laundry.  I love the smell of clean laundry (almost as much as I love the smell of a Spring rain shower).  The laundry detergent I use has a fantastic and not-too-overpowering scent, and it’s glorious.

So today I am grateful for the scent of clean laundry.

Tomorrow, we shall explore gratitude and technology.  Oh, where to begin . . .

Until next time . . .

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