30 Days of Gratitude: Day 03 – What color are you grateful for today?


Welcome to my 30 days of gratitude.  I found this lists of journaling prompts on Pinterest, and you can find the original post at textmyjournal.com.  I hope you are taking a moment each day to find something, no matter how big or small, to be grateful for.

Every single day has at least one positive moment to be thankful for.

Today I continue my 30 days of gratitude with:

Day 3:  What color are you grateful for today?

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.  Roy G. Biv.  Primary.  Secondary.  Somewhere over the rainbow . . .

Color is everywhere, and in everything.  From the blue of a sky and it’s fluffy white clouds, to the green of a lush and think lawn.  Reds and golds of leaves in the fall, and twinkling Christmas lights.

The world is full of color.  We see it so much that it’s easy to miss.  But when you take a moment to open your eyes to truly see the beauty of the world around you, suddenly it all becomes like new.  You become like a child making your first excited steps into ocean, full of wonder.

Most people tend to identify one color as their favorite.  Today I am grateful for my favorite color . . . purple.

Purple is my go-to clothing color.  It makes me feel pretty, which makes me feel confident.  Purple is my favorite color to decorate my home with.  It makes me feel comfortable and relaxed.  Purple is the color that makes me feel powerful.

Purple is a color of nobility.  Purple was expensive to produce in the earliest days of the dye.  It was so expensive that only very rich, only royalty, could afford fabrics that were dyed purple.  That’s where the name Royal Purple came from.  Eventually a much more inexpensive way was found to produce the purple dye, and it was accessible to anyone that wanted to be adorned in its rich and regal color.

So each day that I wear a purple shirt, carry my purple folder to class, use my purple computer mouse, get my debit card out of my purple wallet in my purple purse, wear my purple glasses, admire my purple desktop wallpaper, or make a call on my purple phone, I smile.  I smile when I am happy.  Purple makes me happy.  I am grateful for happiness because I am in a world filled with purple.

Tomorrow, we shall explore gratitude and food.  That could turn into a long post.  I love food.

Until next time . .

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