Silently Loud (poem)

My head and hand on your chest
I can hear your heartbeat
I can feel it against my ear
You feel so close to me
You seem almost real
You seem so near
I can smell your scent
I can hear your voice
I can close my eyes and see you
But the illusion is broken
The moment reality takes hold
And the illusion is nothing new
You haunt my memories
As they spill over into dreams
You are there when you’re really not
How I wish I could forget
How I wish I could let go
Of the past sitting in ny heart
But too many yesterdays
Not enough todays
The past outweighs right now
Until there are more tomorrows than todays
Until your voice is no longer in my memories
I will hear your heart so silently loud

By: Heather L. Flood


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