365 Writing Prompts, by thinkingwritten.com – Day 002 – The Unrequited Love Poem

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Who hasn’t been there at some point in their life?  You found that special someone.  You adore them.  Their hair.  Their eyes.  Their laugh.  You think you love them.  Everything is perfect except for one little thing.  They don’t love you back.

Unrequited love . . . the subject of today’s writing prompt . . . but it’s got to be in poem form.  Poetry has always been one of my favorite forms of writing.  The challenges of maintaining rhythm and rhyme while adequately conveying the emotions of the subject . . .

For me it’s an emotional purge.  Pouring out joy, sadness, anger, and love through the tip of my ink pen.  Putting out into the world a physical representation of what is in my heart.  To finish that last line, to sign my name and write down the date . . . those small moments are epitaphs to a space in time where my heart overflowed onto the paper.

Not all poems come easily.  Some just do not want to be written no matter how badly my heart needs to get the words out.  Those poems are always the ones that I am the most unsure about when rereading the finished products.  But those are also the ones that I love the most when they are finished.  The poems I had to work for to bring into the world.  The poems that fought me with every single word.  The poems that made me earn them.  They aren’t always pretty.  They don’t always flow well.  But sometimes they are the most raw and honest poems I write.

So, let’s see if I can pull one out today.  I’ll have to think back to a person that was once the subject of my unrequited love . . .

I see you so close
But you’re so far away
The sound of your laughter
I reach out my hand
You reach for it with joy
Right in front of me everyday
Your voice fills my heart
with every word you say
I see the way you
We are friends,
but do you you don’t see me
We are friends, but I want more
I see what lies behind your smile,
and with you my heart feels free
I’d give you my heart if you’d let me have it
I’d give you everything I am within me
But silently I stand by you
with my heart on my sleeve,
I’d rather have nothing
I try to hide what doesn’t belong
I try to hide my truth
I’d rather It’s easier to hide what’s really in my heart
Than to give live without my life without you
So, I’ll silently go on through each day
wishing we were you saw in me more than a friend
And I’ll bandage my aching heart
And I’ll comfort my aching heart
As each day comes to its end

Heather L. Flood

As you can see from all the strikethroughs, this poem did not come easily.  It’s difficult to write about unrequited love when there is no unrequited love to pull from.  I had to think back to a specific time and person, and I could see him so vividly in my mind.  I could see his eyes and his smile.  I could hear his voice.  I could remember exactly what I felt like when I was around him.  That was a trip down memory lane that I didn’t expect, but a trip that I enjoyed, even if it was just for a few minutes.

charlie brown

Until next time . . .


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