Stronger (poem)

I know where I’ve come from
I know what I’ve done
I know where I’m going
and what I’ve overcome
But sometimes silence tries to creep back in
when the day is near its end
Old demons come back haunting
regretting a battle they did not win
Sometimes I am weak
I stumble and I fall
Sometimes the darkness grips me
and am tempted by history’s call
Sometimes the past grips me
in claws so sharp and strong
Sometimes the fight for freedom
seems a fight that is so long
But the fight lies only with me
The demons are all my own
Self-destructive at the bottom
of a recovery path so long
The demons will live
only as long as I give them breath
The demons will fight for strength
until they are banished in death
My soul can not be had
It is no longer a prize to win
And though my demons rear their heads
I am stronger than my sin

Heather L. Flood


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