365 Writing Prompts, by thinkingwritten.com – Day 004 – Dancing

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What is it about music that moves a person?  We each have some form of music that moves us . . . rock, pop, country, opera, classical, bluegrass, jazz, edm . . . the list goes on and on.  We hear a piece of music and it reaches deep into our mind and soul and speaks to us.  The lyrics, the deep groove of the bass guitar, the driving tempo of the drums, the heart of the guitar .  . they all come together is for a short moment in time that makes everything else disappear.  We lose ourselves as we sing along.  We allow our bodies to become one with the song as our feet tap, our hips sway, our head bobs . . . we dance.  We dance in the car.  We dance in the shower.  We dance as we clean the house.  Where there is music, we dance.

Thus, day four of the 365 writing prompts is introduced.  Dancing . . . who’s dancing and why they are tapping those toes.


Today is Sunday, and there is one person at church that this particular writing prompt makes me think of.  She is the pastor’s sister, and she is basically the grandma to the entire church.  She is always ready with a hug.  She is harmlessly flirtatious.  She is friendly and exuberant.  She is vivacious and she worships the Lord with her whole body.

Our church services follow the same pattern each week.  2 songs, welcome and announcements, 2 more songs, the message, invitation, closing song, and then dismissal.  When our band starts playing at the beginning of the service and continue through their four songs, Grandma, as we’ll call her, allows the Spirit to move in her.  She sings, claps, and dances.  I don’t mean that she simply taps her foot or shakes her hips.  Her arms are raised.  She bounces and and shimmies.  She reminds me of a teenage girl at a Taylor Swift concert.  She worships freely and without inhibition, and we love her for her it.

Dancing is something that is too often suppressed by inhibition.  Not everybody is blessed with rhythm.  Some people look beautiful when they dance, while others look like they are trying to get a wasp out of their shirt.  When it comes to worship, some people are reserved.  They keep their hands to their sides.  They sing at a moderate level.  They are safe and reserved.  Others worship more openly and flamboyantly.  Arms are raised.  They sing loudly.  Their body moves with the Spirit.  There is no right or wrong way to worship.  Each person in a sanctuary worships differently.  But it is Grandma, on the front row every Sunday, that throws inhibition to the wind and chooses to worship God with her whole voice, and with her dancing.

Until next time . . .


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