No longer an anniversary

It's been a while since I have posted anything.  I have been busy with work, with church, and with school.  Because of those things I have been left with little time (or energy) for writing.  Yet today, as I was scrolling though my Timehop, I saw something that I have to share. It's been almost … Continue reading No longer an anniversary


Suffocating (poem)

Empty deep inside A shadow of what used to be A memory taunting the waking life of a nightmare reality How did it happen How did so much get stolen so fast How did it slip away so silently like the breeze waving through grass Stumbling through darkness Directions gone of astray A wounded heart … Continue reading Suffocating (poem)

Weight on the cross – Revisited

You may remember my post from right around Easter called "Weight on the cross."  In that post we looked how much weight the cross could carry.  Maybe you even took the time for some self-examination to find out if there was any baggage you were carrying that needed to be laid down at the cross. … Continue reading Weight on the cross – Revisited

Unanswered questions (poem)

What does it feel like to not think about you Where random thoughts at more random times are years past being new What's it like to not wonder if I'll ever see you again What's it like to not be left behind or to hang on to hope so thin What's it like to not … Continue reading Unanswered questions (poem)