The Path (poem)

I fell, one night, into a simple dream An unhindered path blanketed in grass, pristine A gentle breeze at my back beneath a sky so clear In the distance a bird singing a melody, clear Step by step I, forward, moved not knowing where or why Maybe fate would put me where it would decide … Continue reading The Path (poem)

Inescapable (poem)

I could walk for a thousand years But still not escape your eyes I could sleep a million deaths And still see your smile I could rip off my offending ears But your voice will always be there Just as my fingers scream with desire To tangle in your hair My heart could speed toward … Continue reading Inescapable (poem)

Sleepless Sunflower (poem)

Sleepless sunflower Where do get your life As you turn your face toward darkness Shying away from light Your best friend is the moon You keep company with the stars As you go against your nature And, in loneliness, stand apart What are you waiting for As you stand sentry in the night What are … Continue reading Sleepless Sunflower (poem)

Changling (poem)

Changling, changling, who are you replacement for the past the future gifted anew What promise do you carry What tomorrow do you hold Are you someone different than your predecessor of old Changling, changling, are you a threat opening yourself so easily to lonely brokenness you just met Can you piece together the puzzle of … Continue reading Changling (poem)