You look at me
          but I’m not what you see
You talk to me
          but you don’t hear a word I say
You think you know me
          have me all figured out
                    But you are oblivious to who I am
You don’t see what’s inside of me
          You don’t know that my thoughts wander
                    exploring light and glitter
                              death and darkness
You don’t know who I am
          at the end of the day
You see only what you want
          You hear only what you want
You know only what isn’t dangerous
          You keep me where you’re comfortable
You keep me where I’m predictable
You see me the way you see spoons and carpet
          taking up space
                    unmissed once replaced
You remove the parts of me
          that might cause trouble
                    Safety is found in androgyny
You hold me at arms length
          and refuse to meet my eye
You confide in me your secrets
          but won’t trust me with your soul
You claim our instant connection
          but you hide me from your world
You are incapable of touching me
          recoiling like my touch is acid
I am everything to you
          but I am nothing
I am your convenience
          your sometimes
I am your duality
                    painfully set aside

Heather L. Flood

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