Writing Prompts Change the World

Several months ago I purchased 2 decks of cards from Best Self.  I bought the Wordsmith deck and the Edison deck.  The Wordsmith deck is filled with writing prompts  from varying subjects, all designed to inspire you so that you can focus on your writing and not on trying to come up with something to write about.  Because, who hasn’t sat staring at their blank computer screen or notebook, wanted to writing something, but had not one single idea as to what to write about.

best self wordsmith  box back 08-10-19

Wordlessness sucks!

I am personally not a big fan of writing prompts.  I am of the opinion that if used too often then they become a crutch for a writer.  Being told what to write about day-in-and-day-out will eventually cause a writer to lose their ability to come up with their own writing topics.  Yet, here I sit on my couch with my laptop and a box of 100 cards, each of which has written on it a single writing prompts.

This is the card that I have drawn for today.

card 08-10-19

This card is terrible and makes me angry.  One thing?!  Just one thing?!  How do I pick just one thing?  How about expanding this particular writing prompt to, “make a list of changes you’d like to make.”

  1.  I would do away with the electoral college so that elections are truly a democratic process again, and that the voices of the voters are actually heard.
  2. I’d set term limits on all elected officials on a local, state, and federal level.  Career politicians are about as good for this country as the Great Depression was.
  3. Teachers, first responders, and military would all receive pay raises, and schools would receive federal subsidies strictly for classroom expenses so that teachers don’t have to use their own money for classroom needs.
  4. Veterans would all receive pension benefits, not just veterans that served in or during an active war.
  5. Life-saving healthcare, including for cancer and any other life-threatening or catastrophic disease, would be provided at no charge to every resident of the United States, no questions asked.  St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has already proved that it can be done, and has been done since opening its doors on February 4, 1962.
  6. The power of providing healthcare will be removed from health insurance companies and given to doctors, who will work directly with patients to decide what healthcare a patient needs and will refer patients to provider of such healthcare.  Health insurance companies will simply pay for said healthcare, no questions asked.
  7. Up to four years of post-secondary education will be made available to every high school graduate in the technical school, community college, state college, or private university of their choosing, with no need for scholarships, student loans, or federal or state grants, regardless of age, gender, or financial status.
  8. Applying for temporary assistance, such as food stamps or medicaid, will be part of applying for unemployment benefits, so as so streamline the processes for those that need those benefits.
  9. Internet will be put in all homes, just like electricity and running water.  It will not be a privilege just for those that can afford it, but a necessary utility of the modern world.
  10. Comprehensive Medicare and prescription benefits will be free to all persons who qualify for Social Security benefits.

I know the prompt asks what I would change if I ran the country for just one day.  My list above will prove to be a very busy day, but there is a lot that needs to be changed.  This is a good country, but there is a lot that is broken.  There are too many people that the system is ignoring or leaving behind.  The system is made only for those that know how to work it.  Money and the people that have it are what runs this country.  That money, and the power associated with that money, needs to be redistributed to people who are actually making a positive difference for this country.

What would you change if you ran the country for the day?

Until next time . . .

3 thoughts on “Writing Prompts Change the World

    1. Maybe if politicians would get off their ass and out of the wallets of corporations then implementation could happen. Until then, all you get is the wishful thinking and blabbering of an unemployed wife and mom.

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