What God Sees When He Looks At You (storylineblog.com)

http://storylineblog.com/2016/03/07/god-sees/ This is an amazing read.  Too good to not share. He doesn't see the person you are right now.  He sees the person you will become! Until next time . . .


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THE MARRIAGE TRIANGLE: Two Lives Become One #lovewins

I found this amazing post at faithlovejoyhope.

Marriage is not 50/50.  It’s 100/100.  It’s easy to forget that sometimes.

This Thing Called Life . . .

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In the Old Testament, God created the covenant to be a binding promise between two parties. A person in a covenant becomes identified with another person, and there is a supernatural co-mingling of two lives.¹ In the marriage covenant, the two separate lives of the man and woman become one as they are pronounced husband and wife.

Marriage as instituted by God

In the Old Testament, we read inGenesis 2:23-24:

The man said, “This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.” For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother, and…

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Making Church a Priority

Running The Race

From Josh Lowrance at Authentic Christianity


“And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and food works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.”

– Hebrews 10:24-25

Church is a non-negotiable in my house. If the doors are open, we are there. I don’t ask my kids if they would like to go to church, I tell them they are going to church. When we go out of town we will find a church to attend or we will come home in time for us to attend our home church. The best thing about it is that church is never argued about in my home. My 4 year old loves going to church. She loves the people, she loves the worship, and she loves learning about Jesus…

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12 Things To Stop Saying To People In Radio


Radio is a crazy industry and I’m pretty sure one of the requirements of working in this field is to be a little crazy yourself. However, below are a few things every radio DJ is just SICK of hearing…

1. You’re so lucky, you get to just talk for a living.

You’re right. I am grateful every day to have a job that is so unique and fun. However, much more goes into getting a job like mine than “luck” and it takes a lot more to keep it than “just talking.”

2. I could’ve totally done my own radio show.

This is a back-handed way of implying that you are fully capable of doing what I do but with zero experience. And I could’ve been a marine biologist…but then I realized I suck at math and can’t swim. Just like ANY job, some level of training and skill goes…

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Introvert Insight

My pastor recently said that when searching for a way to serve in the church you naturally wouldn’t put an introvert on the host team.  I am an introvert and I am on the host team.  Being introverted doesn’t mean that we hide in a hole of shy loneliness all day.  We just don’t need to constantly feed off the attention of others to maintain our happiness.

Julia Shappert | Official Blog

It is no lie. I am an introvert. I don’t think there is anyone I know who wouldn’t consider me quiet, reserve, and introspective. In many cases, this is true but definitely not all the time. Sometimes, I feel like introverts are viewed in a less-than-positive way from the more outgoing crowd. It is a shame that we (on behalf of introverts) are easily misinterpreted as shy, antisocial, and even snotty. But, hopefully this article shows our side of the story. 🙂

1.) We over think things…a lot. It’s almost like we are living in a separate world where all of our thoughts just explode and evolve into millions of deep scenarios, which can lead to anxiety. We might be silent on the outside but our brains don’t seem to relax.

2.) We speak up when necessary. If we are passionate about something, there is no stopping us voicing our…

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6 Things Christians Should Say More Often

Gospel Relevance

When was the last time you told someone you loved them?

Last week I wrote an article citing six Christian cliches that I think, quite frankly, Christians should just stop saying. Growing traction quickly, I was surprised to see the post go viral (well, sorta, not really), and to see so many Christians in agreement (and disagreement).

With that said, however, I think a follow-up post is necessary, in which we discuss some things that Christians should say more often.

What are they?

Here’s six things Christians should say more frequently:

1) I don’t know. God is all-knowing, but we are not. When we pretend as if we know the answer, when we really don’t, we diminish our credibility. Not only that, we also hurt the people we speak to. Here’s a new idea: When someone asks a question and we don’t know the answer, it might be wise to…

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6 Things Christians Should Stop Saying

I have heard every single one of these in some form or another, and it drives me crazy. Yes, as Christians we love God. We know he is always with us, and we want others to experience that same love. But why do we insist on turning everything in life, including God, into a cliche? We come off sounding insincere and fake. God is not a catchy tag line, like singing jingles for car dealers and toy stores. By having so little respect for Him you are diminishing Him in your own eyes and in the eyes of nonbelievers who may be watching you. Too often I see people I go to church with post on Facebook after service, “God really showed up and showed out this morning.” I know what they mean, but to read their post in the literal sense they make it sound like God is not always in our church. And the phrase, “show out” to me has negative meaning. As in, “my child got in trouble at school today for showing out in music class.” Why can’t we speak from our heart? Why do we look for the easiest way out by resorting to insincere cliches when speaking of our love for God? How would we feel if God treated us like a cliche?

Until next time . . .

Gospel Relevance

We all have that one friend that consistently says cheesy Christians clichés. I think most of us would agree that this is typically, well, very annoying. This is intensified when the sayings aren’t biblical. The motive behind saying them are usually noble, but they often simply aren’t true or helpful.

So, what are some of them?

Below are six things that Christians should stop saying:

1) Let Go and let God.  This phrase is typically used when in a trial. In a sense, I adore the “letting go” part if that means resting in God’s sovereignty, but when facing trials and tribulations, there are simply a lot of things that we can actually do. We can pray, study Scripture, confess sin, repent of sin, seek help from wise counsel, weep, mediate on Scripture, serve others, etc. “Letting go” has too much of a passive feel to it; it denotes that we…

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Meet The ‘Sandwich Nazi’

Let’s face it.  We live in a world where corporate greed is the standard.  All we hear about are the CEO’s who make all their money off the backs of the paycheck-to-paycheck workers.  Rarely do we hear about a business owner who feels so blessed by his success that he celebrates it by giving back to the community that made him successful.  He doesn’t do it for the tax break.  He doesn’t do it so that his store can get some good P-R.  He doesn’t do it because he has to.  He does it because he can, because he wants to.  The bag lunches that he passes out to the homeless in his community may not change the world, but you can bet that they mean the world to the recipients.  He is changing the world for them.  That is the definition of giving.

Until next time . . .

Kindness Blog

It was a waiter’s rudeness that prompted a Lebanese immigrant to donate more than 128,000 sandwiches to hungry residents of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

Sandwich Nazi

Salam Kahil, who lives in the poverty-stricken neighbourhood and owns La Charcuterie Delicatessen in Surrey, has brought sandwiches to his hungriest neighbours every month since making a promise to feed them in 1986, but now he’s helping more than ever and celebrating Thanksgiving by donating 500 brown bag lunches.

Kahil moved to Montreal from Lebanon in 1979, when a violent, escalating civil war spurred a mass exodus from the country.

Broke and hungry, he came to Vancouver six years later and took a job at a restaurant where the head waiter treated him so cruelly during a shift, he resolved to quit, but only after earning his free daily meal.

“I was crying all the way to my home,” Kahil told The Province. “And I made a…

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When God Said No

All too often we go to God in prayer and say, “give me, give me, give me . . . ”  We want God to fix all that we feel is wrong with us, and we want him to do it right now.  What we forget is that everything in our lives happens in His time, and sometimes the best thing he can do, just like any good parent would do, is tell us “no.”

We do not need everything we want, but God will always provide what we do need.

When we want more patience He does not immediately endow us with limitless patience.  He gives us opportunities to be patient.

When we want more happiness He does not immediately plaster a smile on our face and warm fuzzies in our heart.  He gives us the opportunities to see the joy in our life.

When we want more love He does not make our cup runneth over.  He gives us opportunities to show love.

We are His children.  He is always teaching, directing, guiding us through his unceasing love for us.  We just have to remember to open our eyes and hearts to see it.

Until next time . . .



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