Haunted Dreams (poem)

So long gone
So many yesterdays ago
Only to return in a flood
Leaving damage that only I’ll know
Where have you been hiding
How did you remain unseen
Why did you come back to haunt me
where I couldn’t escape you, in a dream
Why did you taunt me
with words I’ve longed to hear
Why did you get my hopes up
Why were you so sincere
Dream is not reality
But still my heart has held hope
Only to get slapped in the face
When the dream ends and you go
Your wound is still visible
The hurt still stings
Despite the passing of time
You’re not absent from my dreams
Only when my eyes are open
do I escape your memory
But I close my eyes, let down my guard
and you kill me again in my dreams

Heather L. Flood


The Path (poem)

I fell, one night,
into a simple dream
An unhindered path
blanketed in grass, pristine
A gentle breeze at my back
beneath a sky so clear
In the distance a bird
singing a melody, clear
Step by step I, forward, moved
not knowing where or why
Maybe fate would put me
where it would decide
Scenes from my history
dotted the landscape in brief
but were left behind silently
with little pain or grief
The sun shone on my face
masking my destination from my eyes
as I continued fearlessly forward
A new future, in a dream, disguised
But then a second path converged
and on it a person came into sight
Where are they going on the path in my dream
Who am I dreaming of in the middle of the night
Conversation started
Laughter joyously rang
And on that converged path
new friendship began that day
What began as a simple dream
on an unknown path, so new
Turned into the path, the moment,
that led my life to you

Heather L. Flood

Inescapable (poem)

I could walk for a thousand years
But still not escape your eyes
I could sleep a million deaths
And still see your smile
I could rip off my offending ears
But your voice will always be there
Just as my fingers scream with desire
To tangle in your hair
My heart could speed toward explosion
But in its final moments still beat for you
You’re an addiction, inescapable
Killing me with every part of you

Heather L. Flood

Sleepless Sunflower (poem)

Sleepless sunflower
Where do get your life
As you turn your face toward darkness
Shying away from light
Your best friend is the moon
You keep company with the stars
As you go against your nature
And, in loneliness, stand apart
What are you waiting for
As you stand sentry in the night
What are you afraid of missing
As against your name you fight
Are you looking toward tomorrow
Are you living in the past
Are you missing someone left behind
Are you living life too fast
Oh, sleepless sunflower
Hang your weary head
Leave the ghosts of night behind
As the sun rises on your bed

Heather L. Flood

Changling (poem)

Changling, changling,
who are you
replacement for the past
the future gifted anew
What promise do you carry
What tomorrow do you hold
Are you someone different
than your predecessor of old
Changling, changling,
are you a threat
opening yourself so easily
to lonely brokenness you just met
Can you piece together the puzzle
of a shattered yesterday
though the mess is ages old
and still can’t find it’s way
Changling, changling,
how scary you seem
Your vulnerability and humility
are a reoccurring scene
Years passed, spent with someone like you
Someone with a connection that clicked
But the connection snapped too easily
Excruciating, deadly, and quick
Changling, changling,
trust can’t be given to you
Punishing you for history not yours
is the only way to be safe from you
You may be perfect
You may never cause a tear
but changling, changling,
I thought that about another for many years.

Heather L. Flood

Midnight Carnival (poem)

In the emptiness of the night

where shadows linger long

where imagination runs frantic

and memories sing their song

When silence is loudest

screaming its haunting refrain

Giving voice to dormant thoughts

bringing them to life again

When the mind races a thousand miles

in the blink of an eye

And seconds pass like hours

In the dark there is no time

In the vacuous shell of today gone by

lingers only what could have been,

what perception allowed to be remembered

and what hides in the heart as sin

So get lost in the darkness

close your eyes and buckle in tight

and join the midnight carnival

Your darkest memories are the ride

Heather L. Flood


Suffocating Mountain (poem)


Suffocating near the mountain
In the desert, finding air
Blinded by its nearness
Able to see when nothing’s near
How quickly things changed
when the mountain appeared
Time shifted, days stood still
The past was brought back near
Looking up means looking back
A future haunted by the past
as the mountain steals air from today
and suffocates life in its hands
But to stand in the shadow of the mountain
to risk that moral death
is to once again find life
and, in the absence of air, find breath

Heather L. Flood

Fear(less) (poem)

Don’t ever tell me, “You can’t”

Don’t ever tell me, “You won’t”

Don’t ever tell me, “You shouldn’t”

Don’t ever tell me, “Don’t”

Don’t ever tell me, “You might look stupid”

Don’t ever tell me, “You dream too much”

Don’t ever tell me, “You might fail”

Don’t ever tell me, “That’s good for someone else, but . . . ”

Don’t ever tell me, “Just try to fit in”

Don’t ever tell me, “Don’t stand out”

Don’t ever tell me, “You’re not good enough”

Don’t ever mould me with your doubts

Don’t hold me back from your own fears

Don’t try to protect me from what scares you

Don’t try to shelter or silence my spirit

Don’t make me be afraid to live, like you

Don’t stop me from making big mistakes

Don’t stop me from finding me

Don’t laugh if I don’t look just like you

Let me explore, and live, and breathe

Let me find out who I am

Let me see the world through my eyes

Let me love, and laugh, and rage

Let me live fearlessly in this life

Heather L. Flood


Numb Life (poem)


Numb and cold
living death though awake
A heart that feels nothing
Existing in the void everyday
Ceaselessly searching
for a feeling yet unfound
as the heart grows colder
on a path to hell it’s bound
To live and breathe, to feel alive
To not self-destruct in the wait
As senses wither swiftly
There’s nothing to dull the pain
A facade of a life
A mask of smiles and lies
worn through an existence
of brutal truth denied
Waiting, waiting, forever waiting
The same tomorrow, yesterday, today
Feeling nothing, living nothing
Numb, cold, dead inside to stay

Heather L. Flood

Self-destruction (poem)


History always repeats itself
Life on a loop
as we make the same mistakes
that we swore we’d never do
As we’re edging ever closer
to the inevitable end
Life is just a showdown
Life is no longer lived
What will become
of prayers, hopes, and dreams
What are we creating
building a world on lies and schemes
We eternally blame others
as the world is goes to hell
Because nobody wants to own their part
in the worst story the world could tell
Self-destruction at its finest
Losing all control
Going down in three, two, one
The most enduring story ever told

Heather L. Flood