Sleepless Sunflower (poem)

Sleepless sunflower Where do get your life As you turn your face toward darkness Shying away from light Your best friend is the moon You keep company with the stars As you go against your nature And, in loneliness, stand apart What are you waiting for As you stand sentry in the night What are … Continue reading Sleepless Sunflower (poem)

Midnight Carnival (poem)

In the emptiness of the night where shadows linger long where imagination runs frantic and memories sing their song When silence is loudest screaming its haunting refrain Giving voice to dormant thoughts bringing them to life again When the mind races a thousand miles in the blink of an eye And seconds pass like hours … Continue reading Midnight Carnival (poem)

Solace searching

How do I write about you when I'm not allowed to even say your name? How can I pour out my heart in the only way I know how when I have to guard my heart against you? How can I speak of your eyes or your voice, your smile or your laugh, when the … Continue reading Solace searching


That's my favorite clock. I love Elvis. He is my favorite solo musician. At this moment, though, that clock is not my favorite simply because it is an Elvis clock. It is my favorite right now because I can actually hear it ticking. No, I am not, nor have I ever been, hearing impaired. Life … Continue reading Tick-tick-tick

Is there anyone out there like me?

I have a Dr. Seuss quote on the back window of my car.  This quote is also on my Facebook page . . . We are not created to be clones of each other with the same personality, and wearing the same clothes, and going to the same restaurants, and driving the same boring cars.  … Continue reading Is there anyone out there like me?

Gone in the blink of an eye

Today is not a good day.  Nothing bad has happened.  I am just not dealing well with recent events in my life.  I find myself drowning under the downfall of working with your best friend, and I can't manage to find my way up for air. 7 years ago, the very day that Michal Jackson … Continue reading Gone in the blink of an eye

Introvert Insight

My pastor recently said that when searching for a way to serve in the church you naturally wouldn’t put an introvert on the host team.  I am an introvert and I am on the host team.  Being introverted doesn’t mean that we hide in a hole of shy loneliness all day.  We just don’t need to constantly feed off the attention of others to maintain our happiness.

Julia Shappert | Official Blog

It is no lie. I am an introvert. I don’t think there is anyone I know who wouldn’t consider me quiet, reserve, and introspective. In many cases, this is true but definitely not all the time. Sometimes, I feel like introverts are viewed in a less-than-positive way from the more outgoing crowd. It is a shame that we (on behalf of introverts) are easily misinterpreted as shy, antisocial, and even snotty. But, hopefully this article shows our side of the story. 🙂

1.) We over think things…a lot. It’s almost like we are living in a separate world where all of our thoughts just explode and evolve into millions of deep scenarios, which can lead to anxiety. We might be silent on the outside but our brains don’t seem to relax.

2.) We speak up when necessary. If we are passionate about something, there is no stopping us voicing our…

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Road To Tomorrow (poem)

Consumed by fear The world, so dark A voice that echoes, alone in a future so stark Reach out for help but nobody is there Drowning, suffocating Fighting for a breath of air Twisting, spinning, turning A frantic, racing heart Closed eyes that can only see that everything is falling apart No hope for tomorrow … Continue reading Road To Tomorrow (poem)

Cigarette Light (poem)

Sitting in the dark, alone, awake A cigarette casts the only light Swirling thoughts in a racing mind Keep me company in the night Words and pictures fill my mind Of what has passed and is yet to be All the things that I have done All the things that still are dreams What are … Continue reading Cigarette Light (poem)

Music in the shadows (short story)

The sidewalk was cold and unyielding.  She was supposed to be at the grocery store, not sitting on the sidewalk outside of a downtown bar.  The sound of music filled the air and her head.  She could hear it from where she had parked her car two blocks away.  It drew her forward to the … Continue reading Music in the shadows (short story)