Dr. Seuss was right . . . smile because it happened

I'm sitting on my couch.  It's a Sunday afternoon.  It's the kind of weekend afternoon where nothing has to be done . . . no errands, no chores, no places we have to be.  It's a wonderful, relaxing day.  Days like this end too quickly. On days like today I like to get in my … Continue reading Dr. Seuss was right . . . smile because it happened


Kill Me One More Time (poem)

You push my pen like no one else I know You are my muse You make my words flow You are the song that my heart sighs and you are the prose filling every line Never has one person inspired me like you And never has one person hurt me like you do I mourn … Continue reading Kill Me One More Time (poem)

Between happiness and grief (poem)

a broken heart that must let go but memories hold on to what they used to know grieving the past as the future rushes in and all the heart was built on leaves to question, "remember when?" yesterday was happiness tomorrow will be, too but today the heart is broken as the heart lets go … Continue reading Between happiness and grief (poem)

Gone in the blink of an eye

Today is not a good day.  Nothing bad has happened.  I am just not dealing well with recent events in my life.  I find myself drowning under the downfall of working with your best friend, and I can't manage to find my way up for air. 7 years ago, the very day that Michal Jackson … Continue reading Gone in the blink of an eye

Learning how to be angry was the easy part . . .

Anger.  It's an ugly monster.  It creeps in and steals the peace from your mind.  If left to fester, anger turns into bitterness.  For some, anger is easily shed like dirty socks.  For others, anger hangs on like a like-sucking leech.  I am among the later group that struggles with anger. My anger flares when … Continue reading Learning how to be angry was the easy part . . .

The big green rage-monster has fallen short of the glory . . . again

The big green rage monster reared its ugly head this morning. I recently made the decision that it was (beyond) time to deal with my anger issues.  When challenged I puff up.  I can get loud.  I sometimes say things I shouldn't.  My anger has been known to be (very) hurtful to others. This morning, … Continue reading The big green rage-monster has fallen short of the glory . . . again

It’s Time For You To Move On

Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.  (Ephesians 4:31-31, NIV)  (Courtesy of biblegateway.com) Forgiveness.  It can sometimes be a hard thing to come by.  Whether you are seeking … Continue reading It’s Time For You To Move On

The mirror almost got me fired

So it seems that my post yesterday about trying to get fired from my job was almost prophetic.  I almost got fired today.  It was all because of my own behavior at work.  I have been less than cooperative while training the new production director.  That is my own issue though, not his.  I was … Continue reading The mirror almost got me fired

Nail on the head

I think I am trying to get myself fired.  I tried quitting over the the summer, and that didn't work out so well.  I'm still here.  I don't have the courage to quit because change is scary.  I have little to no other skills that might translate to another career.  So here I stay at … Continue reading Nail on the head

When will healing come?

2 weeks as of today.  That's how long this mess has been unfolding everyday at work.  With each day that passes more misdeeds come to light.  Lies told.  Money stolen.  People hurt.  And each day, and each revelation, seems to continue to be worse than the one before.  How much lower can it get?  Was … Continue reading When will healing come?