A birthday gift from God

Today is my birthday.  At 4:20 this afternoon I will officially be 39 years old.  I am not stressing over my age.  In my opinion age is a state of mind.  Physically I may be be 39 years old, but mentally I am much younger.  I am young at heart and always hope to remain … Continue reading A birthday gift from God

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 29 – The Night Of Your 21st Birthday

The 21st birthday is a right of passage for a young man or woman.  At 18 they are considered, for all intents and purposes, an adult.  They can enlist in the military and sign legally binding documents.  But the 21st birthday comes for many people with a night of binge drinking just because at 21 … Continue reading 30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 29 – The Night Of Your 21st Birthday

A look back over T-Rex’s first year

I meant to do this on October 30th, but between work and church time has just absolutely gotten away from me.  So here I sit, a week and a half after A Tale Of A T-Rex celebrated it's first birthday, finally looking back on it's first year of life.  And what a year it has … Continue reading A look back over T-Rex’s first year

Happy birth day

Yes, I am aware that I split the word birthday.  Today my son turned 8 years old.  He had a great party with friends and family.  He got a new bike and the Ukulele that he had been hoping for months.  It was so wonderful to look at him and see a smile on his … Continue reading Happy birth day

Ahead of the game

Every year the holiday season starts earlier and earlier.  The Halloween decorations start coming out halfway through summer and the Christmas decorations come out before Halloween.  Eventually it's going to get to the point where the holiday decorations just never get put away and the halls stay forever decked. Here we are, a mere two … Continue reading Ahead of the game