“I am looking for a dare to be great situation.”

Exhausting!  That is the only way to describe this week.  Thank God it's done.  This weekend is going to be a giant ctrl-alt-delete, and next week it'll start all over. I interviewed this week for a job that I really wanted.  I thought it went well, but I found out the next day that I … Continue reading “I am looking for a dare to be great situation.”



I have a set of scripture-prayer cards.  I received them as a gift this past Mother's Day, but have not given them much of a look.  If you've read my last couple of posts then you know that I am struggling a bit with who am I and what I am supposed to be doing. … Continue reading Baggage

No good. Worthless. Won’t amount to anything.

I've been going to several job interviews over the last month.  I've interviewed for positions at a florist, day care center, behavioral therapy clinic, newspaper, and much more.  I have interviewed from one end of town to the other, and sometimes even into the next town.  I'm not used to doing job interviews, having only … Continue reading No good. Worthless. Won’t amount to anything.

Writing Prompts Change the World

Several months ago I purchased 2 decks of cards from Best Self.  I bought the Wordsmith deck and the Edison deck.  The Wordsmith deck is filled with writing prompts  from varying subjects, all designed to inspire you so that you can focus on your writing and not on trying to come up with something to … Continue reading Writing Prompts Change the World

Oh look, a squirrel

How noisy is your life? Do you even hear the noise in your life anymore? I'm referring to all of the noise:  automobiles driving up and down your street, the hum of the fridge, chirping birds, your kids, the television, the sound of your computer running, the unique creaks and groans that hour home makes, … Continue reading Oh look, a squirrel

Grandma’s wisdom

I'm having a pity-party day at work.  It's a good ol' woe-is-me kind of day.  For the last few months I've been in a funk.  I've attributed it to too much work, too many commitments, not enough me-time or time with my family.  But, while sitting in the studio at work JUST NOW I had … Continue reading Grandma’s wisdom


You look at me           but I'm not what you see You talk to me           but you don't hear a word I say You think you know me           have me all figured out                     But you are oblivious to who I am You don't see what's inside of me           You don't know … Continue reading Duality

Fly With Me (poem)

Fearless drifting Carried by the wind Take my hand and fly with me Together we'll, reality, bend Fear not the unknown the light still hidden in dark Take my hand and fly with me Fueled by a spark Open your eyes Meet the past Take my hand and fly with me as the future flies … Continue reading Fly With Me (poem)

An addict’s daughter

How do you love someone who doesn't love himself? How do you love someone who doesn't want your love? How do you love someone who doesn't even see the above qualities in himself? You do it because you have to.  You do it because you are his daughter, and he is your father.  You do … Continue reading An addict’s daughter

Going old-school

It has been since August 4th, 2018 since I have written anything here.  There have been plenty of words in my life, but I have chosen to not be so public with them.  I have, in the past month or so, gone back to my writing roots . . . a good ol' ink pen … Continue reading Going old-school