The day God stepped in

"Hey, God, I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to do this thing.  I know it's something that you would totally not want me to do, but it's something that I want to do, so, yeah, I'm just going to go ahead and do it.  I'll deal with your disappointment and my … Continue reading The day God stepped in

People vs. Love

I was talking with a friend recently.  For the sake of this post I shall name this friend Erin.  Erin is an great friend to many around her.  She is a devoted spouse and parent.  She is a positive influence.  But Erin is wearing a mask.  But, honestly, aren't we all wearing some form of … Continue reading People vs. Love

Spew forth the word-vomit

Forewarning:  I have a feeling that this particular post is going to be a like a geyser spewing forth.  It's going to be forceful and largely unproductive.  The meanderings of a brain needing to word-vomit.  I don't really have anything to say, but the fingers have that need-to-write itch. I am exhausted today.  I am … Continue reading Spew forth the word-vomit

Weight on the cross

Look at this cross. How much weight do you think it could carry? We know it carried the weight of a man.  If you look at the cross you can see his head, his arms, and his legs.  But do you see what is in the center? Right there in the middle of the cross … Continue reading Weight on the cross

Life is good

It has been over a month since I have posted anything. Silence. It is wonderful sometimes. Nothing new has happened in my life since my last post.  Things are going well.  I'm keeping busy with church, with classes at school (perhaps I did take on a bit too heavy of a load this semester, but … Continue reading Life is good

That day is not today

Abusive relationships . . . when most people think of them they immediately think of domestic violence.  But that is not always the definition of an abusive relationship. One year ago I sat on my couch and wrote a letter.  I placed the letter in a stamped and addressed envelope.  That envelope went into the … Continue reading That day is not today

Overdue confession

It's been a long time since I have written a personal post.  I could easily say that I don't know why I have allowed that drought to occur.  But the truth is that I do know why.  So much has happened over the last several months.  Things that have left little time for writing, things … Continue reading Overdue confession

August Scripture Writing Plan-Healing

Healing Scripture Writing Plan 07-31-16 pdf This is actually the second scripture writing plan I have posted for August.  The first one can be found here:  2 Corinthians Scripture Writing Plan. The scripture writing plan for July can be found here:  1 Corinthians scripture writing plan And the scripture writing plan for June can be … Continue reading August Scripture Writing Plan-Healing

June Scripture Writing Plan: Day 30 – John 8:1-11

8 1 but Jesus went to the Mount of Olives. 2 At dawn he appeared again in the temple courts, where all the people gathered around him, and he sat down to teach them. 3 The teachers of the law and the Pharisees brought in a woman caught in adultery. They made her stand before the group 4 and said … Continue reading June Scripture Writing Plan: Day 30 – John 8:1-11

June Scripture Writing Plan: Day 29 – Romans 8:1-4

Life Through the Spirit 8 Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, 2 because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit who gives life has set you[a] free from the law of sin and death. 3 For what the law was powerless to do because it was weakened by the flesh,[b] … Continue reading June Scripture Writing Plan: Day 29 – Romans 8:1-4