Identity loss

I am getting a wonderful and unique opportunity that not many people get in their life.  I get the chance to decide again what I want to be when I grow up. Remember when you were a kid and everyone would ask you, "what do you want to be when you grow up?"  You'd tell … Continue reading Identity loss


You look at me           but I'm not what you see You talk to me           but you don't hear a word I say You think you know me           have me all figured out                     But you are oblivious to who I am You don't see what's inside of me           You don't know … Continue reading Duality

A Hint of Spring

There was something on the air that early February day.  It was a whisper of Spring despite the day being buried in an enduring and harsh winter.  There was a gentle hint of a new beginning, of fresh life, of a healing heart choosing to look up to the sun and no longer remaining frozen … Continue reading A Hint of Spring

Haunted Dreams (poem)

So long gone So many yesterdays ago Only to return in a flood Leaving damage that only I'll know Where have you been hiding How did you remain unseen Why did you come back to haunt me where I couldn't escape you, in a dream Why did you taunt me with words I've longed to … Continue reading Haunted Dreams (poem)

The Path (poem)

I fell, one night, into a simple dream An unhindered path blanketed in grass, pristine A gentle breeze at my back beneath a sky so clear In the distance a bird singing a melody, clear Step by step I, forward, moved not knowing where or why Maybe fate would put me where it would decide … Continue reading The Path (poem)

Changling (poem)

Changling, changling, who are you replacement for the past the future gifted anew What promise do you carry What tomorrow do you hold Are you someone different than your predecessor of old Changling, changling, are you a threat opening yourself so easily to lonely brokenness you just met Can you piece together the puzzle of … Continue reading Changling (poem)

Six and Two

Grief is a difficult experience to work through.  Everyone experiences grief differently.  When someone is working through grief we often like to jump in with words of advice that we hope will comfort the person.  "Don't cry because you lost the person.  Smile that they were in your life to begin with."  "Time will heal … Continue reading Six and Two

Solace searching

How do I write about you when I'm not allowed to even say your name? How can I pour out my heart in the only way I know how when I have to guard my heart against you? How can I speak of your eyes or your voice, your smile or your laugh, when the … Continue reading Solace searching

Googling friendship in the middle of the night

I'm currently having another sleepless night.  You know the kind of night where you just lay in bed, flipping and turning, pulling the covers over you only to kick them back off.  Arm under the head.  One leg kicked out to the side.  On your back.  On your stomach.  Adjust the pillow.  Stick one foot … Continue reading Googling friendship in the middle of the night

I hate small talk

I came across this on Facebook today . . . . . . and for a moment it made me think of the kind of relationships I have with the people in my life.  This one random picture made me realize that I really do hate small talk.  You know the kind of chit-chat that … Continue reading I hate small talk