The Path (poem)

I fell, one night, into a simple dream An unhindered path blanketed in grass, pristine A gentle breeze at my back beneath a sky so clear In the distance a bird singing a melody, clear Step by step I, forward, moved not knowing where or why Maybe fate would put me where it would decide … Continue reading The Path (poem)

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 13 – Your Commute To And From Work

I love to drive.  I love being out on the open road, music playing on the stereo while I sing along, or silence except for the hum of my tires on the asphalt.  I love the scenery of trees and overgrown grassy medians.  I love the myriad of billboards that advertise everything from fast food … Continue reading 30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 13 – Your Commute To And From Work

Introvert Insight

My pastor recently said that when searching for a way to serve in the church you naturally wouldn’t put an introvert on the host team.  I am an introvert and I am on the host team.  Being introverted doesn’t mean that we hide in a hole of shy loneliness all day.  We just don’t need to constantly feed off the attention of others to maintain our happiness.

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It is no lie. I am an introvert. I don’t think there is anyone I know who wouldn’t consider me quiet, reserve, and introspective. In many cases, this is true but definitely not all the time. Sometimes, I feel like introverts are viewed in a less-than-positive way from the more outgoing crowd. It is a shame that we (on behalf of introverts) are easily misinterpreted as shy, antisocial, and even snotty. But, hopefully this article shows our side of the story. 🙂

1.) We over think things…a lot. It’s almost like we are living in a separate world where all of our thoughts just explode and evolve into millions of deep scenarios, which can lead to anxiety. We might be silent on the outside but our brains don’t seem to relax.

2.) We speak up when necessary. If we are passionate about something, there is no stopping us voicing our…

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Are You Feeling Weighed Down?

In a world where we are expected to keep busy all the time lest we be viewed as lazy it is all too easy to get overwhelmed by our life.  Responsibilities to work, family, friends, church . . . sometimes we forget how to say, “no.”  I know that I am super guilty of that.  Sometimes you have to sit back, pull out your favorite book, shut off your phone, and focus on yourself for a little bit.

In your life the person who needs you the most is yourself.  You will be no good to anyone or anything else if you don’t recharge your batteries now and then.  It’s not being selfish to need some time alone.

My favorite way to recharge . . . I go to a quiet spot near the river, sometimes with a book, and just enjoy the peace and quiet.  I think.  I pray.  I relax.  I set aside everything that I am carrying with me for just a little bit and focus on me.

How do you decompress?

Until next time . . .

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Lots to do? Sometimes we need to do nothing for a while so that we can come back, to face our challenges, renewed and with a fresh perspective.

Then we can do what really needs to be done.

weighed down

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“Warning” by Jenny Joseph (poem)

This is one of my absolute all-time favorite poems.  Every time I read it I chuckle and picture a happy, little old lady wearing a purple sundress, red hat, and sandals living her life fully and unapologetically, making the most of every moment and not having a care in the world.  One day I will … Continue reading “Warning” by Jenny Joseph (poem)

Who God wants me to be

Lately I have been doing a lot of reflecting on my life.  There has been no significant event to bring on that reflection.  Sometimes you are just able to step back and see things for what they are. I am a 37-year-old wife and mother.  I am an aunt and friend.  I am a dedicated … Continue reading Who God wants me to be

Dance (poem)

Take a stepArms raised highThe music in your headin tune to the tears of the skyTake another stepFace to the cloudsGlistening skinNature's music playing loudSpinning, swayingMake a splashLet everything goAn unchoreographed danceCarefree laughterwashes cares awayas you steal a momentto dance in the rain By:  Carrie Leigh06.13.14

Waiting (poem)

Waiting, waiting, waitingThat's all we ever doWaiting for a momentWaiting for youWaiting for a tomorrowthat may never comeWaiting to get oldersays the waiting youngWaiting to get betterWaiting to slow downWaiting to find happinessbehind the waiting frownWaiting to grow upWaiting to finally dieWaiting for the clouds to partWaiting for goodbyeWaiting for the beginningWaiting for the oneWaiting … Continue reading Waiting (poem)

Hole (poem)

Doubt and fear Suffocating life Reaching for the stars Watching dreams die Happiness and sunshine Seem so far away The strength to keep reaching May not come another day Slip down deep A hole of despair Until all that you've reached for Disappears in the air By:  Carrie Leigh 05.26.14

Painted On (poem)

A painted-on smileto match the cheery moodFake joy perfectedHappy laughter on a loopWatch me as I do my magicthat most will never seeWatch as I turn on the girlthat you need me to beNever allowed to have a bad day,to come down from the cloudsNever lose the skip in my step,or shed a tear out … Continue reading Painted On (poem)