Strangers (poem)

I saw your picture tonight I don't know who you are Weeks and months have changed you From the memories going back so far I can't remember your voice Or the sound of your laugh So much left to yesterday When yesterday you were my half Hopes and fears, scars and dreams Silence, anger, pain … Continue reading Strangers (poem)


Unanswered questions (poem)

What does it feel like to not think about you Where random thoughts at more random times are years past being new What's it like to not wonder if I'll ever see you again What's it like to not be left behind or to hang on to hope so thin What's it like to not … Continue reading Unanswered questions (poem)

Endless Winter (poem)

Winter started long ago Ushered by the summer wind that blew No more bright days of warmth Only a fragile memory or two While summer burned so bright and hot Snow suffocated all that gave life Ice hardened everything it touched A broken heart in eternal frozen night While summer burned like an inferno Winter … Continue reading Endless Winter (poem)

I wish I could tell him . . .

My husband and I will celebrate our 12 year anniversary soon.  12 years!  That doesn't seem very long compared to how long my maternal grandparents were married.  But in relation to my age, just shy of one-third of my life has been spent with my husband. Sometimes I wonder where 12 years has gone.  It … Continue reading I wish I could tell him . . .

Unwelcome (poem)

Get out of my head You're not welcome there Your memory is unwanted From a past secretly shared You have no place in my world Of your memory I have no need You were a hurdle to overcome A hurdle I no longer see So stop finding ways into my head Through my memories and … Continue reading Unwelcome (poem)

Memory Lane

Sometimes I miss you Out of the blue Sometimes I miss you There's nothing I can do I can go for days For weeks at a time Then all of the sudden you're there Sitting on top of my mind Sometimes I miss you Your laugh and your fear All the dreams you were reaching … Continue reading Memory Lane

The Wrong Fork In The Road (poem)

Ever wonder what the hell you were thinking What led you down that road What made you take the fork one way When that wasn't the way to go You knew you weren't getting lost But you knew you should have stayed away A bad decision without a moments thought Haunted you the rest of … Continue reading The Wrong Fork In The Road (poem)

Breaking the writer’s rules

I consider myself a writer.  It's what I love to do.  It's what I am good at.  I have been known to be sitting in a bar, doctor's office, or in my car at a stoplight and have to break out the pad of paper because an idea just struck.  I've even been known to … Continue reading Breaking the writer’s rules

Whipping Post (poem)

You make me feel dumbYou make me feel so smallYou constantly remind methat you don't need me at allDoes that make you feel biggerDoes that make you feel strongDoes hurting me make you feel in controlin a world you've hated for so longWhy am I your whipping postwhen all I've tried to be is niceWhy … Continue reading Whipping Post (poem)

Sinking (poem)

Broken and beatenLeft for deadby the decaying thoughtshijacking my headReigning down darknessMy own toxic breathI can't escape the quicksandof my self-imposed deathSinking lower minute-by-minuteBut no one hears my cryThey just let me fallThey just let me die By:  Carrie Leigh05.20.14