August Scripture Writing Plan-Healing

Healing Scripture Writing Plan 07-31-16 pdf This is actually the second scripture writing plan I have posted for August.  The first one can be found here:  2 Corinthians Scripture Writing Plan. The scripture writing plan for July can be found here:  1 Corinthians scripture writing plan And the scripture writing plan for June can be … Continue reading August Scripture Writing Plan-Healing

Unhealed Grief (poem)

There are days that passwithout a single thoughtor a single moment when my heart,like new, rips apartNo matter how much time goes byNo matter how healed I think the woundSometimes I feel like Godtook you home too soonHow my heart was brokenand how my anger ragedas I faced a cold world without youon that hot … Continue reading Unhealed Grief (poem)

Living Dead (poem)

A target for your anger In a world you desperately hate You claim to want a better life But you've perfected being fake There's nothing in you but misery That wants to drag everyone down And everyone that tries to rescue you Will, along with you, drown You are ugly and you are mean Behind … Continue reading Living Dead (poem)

Invisible (poem)

Screaming whispers And deaf ears Backed by propriety Of unseen tears Broken wings Cast to ground Blind to the shadow Swiftly fought down Outstretched hands But nothing's there Searching for everything In empty air By:   Carrie Leigh 05.16.14

Deliver us from evil . . .

Remember those earlier days after you had received the light, when you endured in a great conflict full of suffering.  Sometimes you were publicly exposed to insult and persecution; at other times you stood side by side with those who were so treated.  You suffered along with those in prison and joyfully accepted the confiscation of your property, … Continue reading Deliver us from evil . . .

Temptation (poem)

"No temptation has seized you except what is common to man.  And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear.  But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it."1 Corinthians 10:13 Temptation or fateSin or purposeA heart that … Continue reading Temptation (poem)

Their End (short story)

They sat in his car, drowning in the silence.  He was waiting for her to pour out the words she needed to tell him.  It was cold in the car, the heater having not yet overcome the frigid January air.  Her body trembled with nervous fear that numbed her to the frosty bite of winter. "We … Continue reading Their End (short story)

Rebirth day

It has been several weeks since I posted anything.  The lack of Carrie-posts was not due (completely) to a lack of anything to write.  It was because there has been so much change in my life lately that I needed an opportunity to step back, take a deep breath, and asses it all.  Normally I … Continue reading Rebirth day

Uncrossed Paths (poem)

It hurts to let you goTo say goodbye to what could have beenThere is a hole in my heartThat wants to let you back inBut the paths we're onCan't stay together foreverWe're reaching for different starsReaching for fame and for HeavenIt ripped me apart to say those wordsTo know I would make you madTo see … Continue reading Uncrossed Paths (poem)

The Heart’s Secret (poem)

I can say it out loud But only so I can hear I am in love with you And you finding out is what I fear I'm the girl you laugh with But I'm the girl you don't really see I am the girl swept away by you The girl with her heart on her … Continue reading The Heart’s Secret (poem)