Suffocating Mountain (poem)


Suffocating near the mountain
In the desert, finding air
Blinded by its nearness
Able to see when nothing’s near
How quickly things changed
when the mountain appeared
Time shifted, days stood still
The past was brought back near
Looking up means looking back
A future haunted by the past
as the mountain steals air from today
and suffocates life in its hands
But to stand in the shadow of the mountain
to risk that moral death
is to once again find life
and, in the absence of air, find breath

Heather L. Flood


Fear(less) (poem)

Don’t ever tell me, “You can’t”

Don’t ever tell me, “You won’t”

Don’t ever tell me, “You shouldn’t”

Don’t ever tell me, “Don’t”

Don’t ever tell me, “You might look stupid”

Don’t ever tell me, “You dream too much”

Don’t ever tell me, “You might fail”

Don’t ever tell me, “That’s good for someone else, but . . . ”

Don’t ever tell me, “Just try to fit in”

Don’t ever tell me, “Don’t stand out”

Don’t ever tell me, “You’re not good enough”

Don’t ever mould me with your doubts

Don’t hold me back from your own fears

Don’t try to protect me from what scares you

Don’t try to shelter or silence my spirit

Don’t make me be afraid to live, like you

Don’t stop me from making big mistakes

Don’t stop me from finding me

Don’t laugh if I don’t look just like you

Let me explore, and live, and breathe

Let me find out who I am

Let me see the world through my eyes

Let me love, and laugh, and rage

Let me live fearlessly in this life

Heather L. Flood


Numb Life (poem)


Numb and cold
living death though awake
A heart that feels nothing
Existing in the void everyday
Ceaselessly searching
for a feeling yet unfound
as the heart grows colder
on a path to hell it’s bound
To live and breathe, to feel alive
To not self-destruct in the wait
As senses wither swiftly
There’s nothing to dull the pain
A facade of a life
A mask of smiles and lies
worn through an existence
of brutal truth denied
Waiting, waiting, forever waiting
The same tomorrow, yesterday, today
Feeling nothing, living nothing
Numb, cold, dead inside to stay

Heather L. Flood

Self-destruction (poem)


History always repeats itself
Life on a loop
as we make the same mistakes
that we swore we’d never do
As we’re edging ever closer
to the inevitable end
Life is just a showdown
Life is no longer lived
What will become
of prayers, hopes, and dreams
What are we creating
building a world on lies and schemes
We eternally blame others
as the world is goes to hell
Because nobody wants to own their part
in the worst story the world could tell
Self-destruction at its finest
Losing all control
Going down in three, two, one
The most enduring story ever told

Heather L. Flood

Ocean (poem)

So deep are you, Ocean
A blue that never ends
Depths that can’t measured
Moved by turbulent winds
What have you seen, what have you done,
endless Ocean, as you reach so far
Where do you go to find your rest
when your waves are at war
What is there to embrace you
when the wind kicks too hard
What is there to comfort you
as you lie beneath the stars
Ocean, as you ebb and flow,
where is your home
Where do you hang your hat
Where are you alone
What is there beneath your surface
Your depths, has anyone seen
What have you buried
What have you given up to be free
Are you raging against the shoreline
as your waves come crashing down
Or are you reaching for something unknown
even if the shoreline might drown
Ocean, your depths no one will know
Though some may search but fail
Your endless blue will forever go on
as against the shoreline you rail

Heather L. Flood


Reminder (poem)

Write when it hurts

Write through the pain

Write when you’re unhappy

or when there’s nothing left to say

Write through confusion

through heartache and loss

Write when writing

is the last thing in your thoughts

Write when words won’t come

Write when they come too fast

Write about your future

Write about the past

Write what you can’t speak

Let your pen be your voice

Write to break the silence

Write to make some noise

Write words to last forever

Write to purge your soul

Write to see and breathe and live

or write nothing at all

Heather L. Flood


My pen has been silent lately. My voice went silent. But this came out almost faster than I could get my pen to move tonight, and out of nowhere. It’s not one of my best pieces of writing, but I think it’s my minds way of telling me that it’s time to get back to what I’ve always loved most.

Ghost of a fallen woman (poem)

fallen woman
Silent, stealthy, out of the shadows
Hidden in memories, buried deep
Dusty corners were your home
Shadows of a life unclean
Your castle was my prison
Your love kept me bound
The crown you wore to hold me close
kicked me to the ground
A fight to break free
to shed the skin of lies
shattered my heart, broke me apart
and nearly killed what I knew of life
You were gone for years
Once again I could breathe
No longer living a double life
From myself and you, I was free
But out of nowhere you were back
Silently you crept back in
A mistake I can’t forgive
and freedom I’ll never win
The circle that bound me to another
almost broke under your weight
This will not be a deja vu
of a fallen woman barely saved

Heather L. Flood

Yesterday Friend (poem)


I once feared your goodbye
A life without you
How would I survive a day, a night
I could never make it through
I knew our moment would last forever
That no end could come between
Rose-colored glasses fit so tight
And blinded my reality
The only lie I ever told you
was the biggest lie of all
“We’ll be friends forever.
I’ll always catch you if you fall.”
But life moves ever forward
and friendships sometimes do not
The ties that bound us together
one day slipped their knot
Today I think about you
and dont know who you are
I only know the person you were
and the man that left my scar
I couldn’t be who I am today
if you were still in my life
I held myself back to lift you up
To be your beacon light
Today I dont know who you are
I don’t remember who I was back then
But I never thought we’d say goodbye . . .
Finally, goodbye my yesterday friend

Heather L. Flood

The Wound (poem)

Raw, ripped open, bloody wound
A chance encounter opens a pink scar
Tender, soft, barely healed
The memory is not off too far
Fingers prying, digging deep
Finding each nerve that once sang
Screams of agony are it’s only voice
A wound left writhing in pain
Let the wound heal
Stop opening it fresh
Let the callous form
On the tender pink flesh
Let the blood stop flowing
Emptying a broken heart
And stay away from the open wound
That cries alone in the dark

Heather L. Flood

Suffocating (poem)

Empty deep inside
A shadow of what used to be
A memory taunting the waking life
of a nightmare reality
How did it happen
How did so much get stolen so fast
How did it slip away so silently
like the breeze waving through grass
Stumbling through darkness
Directions gone of astray
A wounded heart that can’t heal
Hoping the breeze will return someday
A breath of air
where silence suffocates
A breath of life
in the emptiness growing each day

Heather L. Flood