Midnight Carnival (poem)

In the emptiness of the night where shadows linger long where imagination runs frantic and memories sing their song When silence is loudest screaming its haunting refrain Giving voice to dormant thoughts bringing them to life again When the mind races a thousand miles in the blink of an eye And seconds pass like hours … Continue reading Midnight Carnival (poem)

Self-destruction (poem)

History always repeats itself Life on a loop as we make the same mistakes that we swore we'd never do As we're edging ever closer to the inevitable end Life is just a showdown Life is no longer lived What will become of prayers, hopes, and dreams What are we creating building a world on … Continue reading Self-destruction (poem)

Thunderstorm ahead

Tonight is one of those nights . . . sleepless, restless, chain-smoking, mind-all-over-the-place . . . I'm sitting in bed and typing this on my phone. Little bitty keyboard and Vienna sausage fingers . . . forgive me now for any hideous typos. I don't know that I have anything to say, but this seems … Continue reading Thunderstorm ahead

Strangers (poem)

I saw your picture tonight I don't know who you are Weeks and months have changed you From the memories going back so far I can't remember your voice Or the sound of your laugh So much left to yesterday When yesterday you were my half Hopes and fears, scars and dreams Silence, anger, pain … Continue reading Strangers (poem)

Five More Minutes

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dPDBU9MC8c Scotty McCreery - Five More Minute (lyrics courtesy of azlyrics.com) Eight years old a couple cane poles sitting down by the creek Our lines in the water watching those bobbers seeing that red sun sink Mama's on the porch yelling supper's hot, y'all come and get it We yelled five more minutes. At sixteen … Continue reading Five More Minutes

Chopstick friendships

Chopsticks . . . have you ever given them much thought beyond your carry-out order of chicken fried rice?  Whether they are plain, basic chopsticks made out of bamboo, or ornate chopsticks made from jade or ivory, one chopstick still needs its mate so that together they can fulfill their purpose. Friendship is the same.  … Continue reading Chopstick friendships

Endless Winter (poem)

Winter started long ago Ushered by the summer wind that blew No more bright days of warmth Only a fragile memory or two While summer burned so bright and hot Snow suffocated all that gave life Ice hardened everything it touched A broken heart in eternal frozen night While summer burned like an inferno Winter … Continue reading Endless Winter (poem)

I wish I could tell him . . .

My husband and I will celebrate our 12 year anniversary soon.  12 years!  That doesn't seem very long compared to how long my maternal grandparents were married.  But in relation to my age, just shy of one-third of my life has been spent with my husband. Sometimes I wonder where 12 years has gone.  It … Continue reading I wish I could tell him . . .

Time heals all wounds eventually.

It's the middle of the night.  Everyone in my house is asleep.  Everyone except for me.  I am restless.  I have spent the last two-and-a-half hours trying to fall asleep to no avail.  It's not insomnia that is keeping me awake, but instead it is a reopened wound. It is said that time heals all … Continue reading Time heals all wounds eventually.

Dr. Seuss was right . . . smile because it happened

I'm sitting on my couch.  It's a Sunday afternoon.  It's the kind of weekend afternoon where nothing has to be done . . . no errands, no chores, no places we have to be.  It's a wonderful, relaxing day.  Days like this end too quickly. On days like today I like to get in my … Continue reading Dr. Seuss was right . . . smile because it happened