Saving Martha’s Vineyard

Imagine for a moment what your life would be like without all of the luxuries that you take for granted everyday. Your morning coffee from Starbucks . . . gone. That gourmet bagel that you can't possibly start your day without . . . let's get rid of that, too, along with all of the … Continue reading Saving Martha’s Vineyard

5 years . . .

I heard somewhere once that if you can put into words why you love someone then it's not really love.  I heartily disagree with that statement.  I believe that if you can't put into words why you love someone then it's not really love. Today is the anniversary of the day I met my best friend … Continue reading 5 years . . .

Walk Away (poem)

I give upI've reached my endI'm tired of fightinga fight I can't winNo matter what your words sayYour truth you can not hideI am done waiting and hopingfor what I thought you kept buried insideBut the words that do escape from youare nothing but a lieAnd all the words you never saidare what made my … Continue reading Walk Away (poem)

Dangerous hope

Hope . . . It's a very powerful word . . . As kids, "I hope I get that cool new toy for Christmas." As teenagers, "I hope he asks me to the dance." As adults, "I hope I get the job." There are things we hope for everyday.  Some of those things are little … Continue reading Dangerous hope

Ledbetter bridge is falling down

The McCracken County side of the old Ledbetter bridge . . . At over 80 years old it started collapsing on April 30, 2014.  Spring thaw after a very icy and snowy winter along with a very rainy spring softened the ground that their piers stood on.  The Kentucky Transportation Department started scrambling to plan … Continue reading Ledbetter bridge is falling down

Who God wants me to be

Lately I have been doing a lot of reflecting on my life.  There has been no significant event to bring on that reflection.  Sometimes you are just able to step back and see things for what they are. I am a 37-year-old wife and mother.  I am an aunt and friend.  I am a dedicated … Continue reading Who God wants me to be

Breaking the writer’s rules

I consider myself a writer.  It's what I love to do.  It's what I am good at.  I have been known to be sitting in a bar, doctor's office, or in my car at a stoplight and have to break out the pad of paper because an idea just struck.  I've even been known to … Continue reading Breaking the writer’s rules

Dance (poem)

Take a stepArms raised highThe music in your headin tune to the tears of the skyTake another stepFace to the cloudsGlistening skinNature's music playing loudSpinning, swayingMake a splashLet everything goAn unchoreographed danceCarefree laughterwashes cares awayas you steal a momentto dance in the rain By:  Carrie Leigh06.13.14

Wish (poem)

How I wish I could find a cave And hide inside the stone How I wish I could find a cave Where I could be all alone Where nobody could find me Where I can run away And I don't have to deal with everyone else Day after senseless day How I wish I could … Continue reading Wish (poem)

Waiting (poem)

Waiting, waiting, waitingThat's all we ever doWaiting for a momentWaiting for youWaiting for a tomorrowthat may never comeWaiting to get oldersays the waiting youngWaiting to get betterWaiting to slow downWaiting to find happinessbehind the waiting frownWaiting to grow upWaiting to finally dieWaiting for the clouds to partWaiting for goodbyeWaiting for the beginningWaiting for the oneWaiting … Continue reading Waiting (poem)