My ink pen has A-D-D . . . random thoughts from Carrie’s brain.

Sometimes the mind just wonders and the ink pen can merely tag along for the ride.  Throw your hands up, scream and enjoy the ride! RANDOM THOUGHTS FROM CARRIE'S BRAIN . . . "I don't boil my relatives."  I said that to a co-worker today as we were discussing our station Jet Ski giveaway. Nikola … Continue reading My ink pen has A-D-D . . . random thoughts from Carrie’s brain.

Unequipped armor

If you have been a follower of mine for at least the past few months then you know that I recently experienced a life-changing event.  I opened my heart and made my fresh start with God.  A mirror was held up in front of my face and the person that I saw looking back at … Continue reading Unequipped armor


This morning I woke up with a heart that felt so full of love.  I've had a rough several days but today I finally feel at peace with everyone and everything around me.  Now given a certain person in my life I know that this feeling is merely temporary, but with the love and support … Continue reading Love

Death Shroud (poem)

A black hole of hateA tornado or miserySwallowing, destroyingKilling everything you seeEyes closed to all you doAs your life is laid to wastePulling everyone down around youSo you won't be alone in your fateYou're drowning in your self-loathingSuffocating as you push everyone awayYou complain about how alone you areWhile dooming yourself to forever alone remainYou … Continue reading Death Shroud (poem)

A bad review

I know I am not the world's most amazing writer.  I have no delusions of taking the best-seller lists by storm or putting Stephen King out of a job.  I do take pride in my writing though.  Writing is my way to purge myself of pain and heartbreak.  It is my way to praise and … Continue reading A bad review

A New Page (poem)

You were an addictionYou were a phaseYou were a detourIn my life's raceWe shared a laughAnd a common interest in youBut when I needed you to step upYou were too afraid to moveI gave you almost all of meTo you I was an open bookBut your selfishness kept you blindedBeyond your world you couldn't lookYou … Continue reading A New Page (poem)

The Last Next (poem)

Until you look for the nextYou'll never realize last was lastMoments are fleetingTime flies by too fastWhat we hold onto so hardWhat we give our allCan disappear so quicklyLike summer flowers in the fallWhat we think we can't live withoutMeans nothing when it's goneOur heart keeps beating, we wake, we sleepLife continues onAssuming tomorrow will … Continue reading The Last Next (poem)

5 things the Bible teaches us about loving our kids

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Love (Weekly Writing Challenge: Fifty)

She spotted him from across the room.  Her heart raced.  Her mind emptied of every thought.  She was captivated. Dare she speak to him? He saw her across the room.  His heart stopped.  His mind raced with nervousness and excitement. Dare he speak to her? Drawn to each other. Love.

Finding your passion in life

What are you passionate about? Have you ever really given it any thought? What is the one think in this great big world that makes your heart race, that gives you peace and happiness, that makes you tick, that completes you, that makes you who you are? What is the one thing in the world … Continue reading Finding your passion in life