Finding your passion in life

What are you passionate about? Have you ever really given it any thought? What is the one think in this great big world that makes your heart race, that gives you peace and happiness, that makes you tick, that completes you, that makes you who you are? What is the one thing in the world … Continue reading Finding your passion in life

Being taught

It’s glorious and oh-so-amazing to take a moment, look back and see all the little ways God has worked in your life. Whether it is something small or something to turned out to be huge God is always there working on you and working for you. I have always been under the belief that we … Continue reading Being taught


Sometimes it’s difficult to see the way God acts in our own lives. Between the rush to get to work in the morning, the boss who can be a total jerk, long lines at the grocery store, getting housework done and dinner on the table, and helping the kids with their homework it’s very easy … Continue reading Blessings

Ready for change

I remember when I first got into radio . . . I was in love with it.  My dreams were big and the future seemed wide open.  I was going to take the radio world by storm and be the next Dick Clark or Kasey Kasem.  In the studio I felt at home for the … Continue reading Ready for change

You Are . . . (poem)

You are peace and loveYou are discipline and guidanceYou are the sun, moon, and starsYou are forgiveness and another chanceYou are the light in the dark tunnelYou are dancing in the rainYou are sound of a baby's laughterYou are comfort through the painYou are quiet moments of reflectionYou are praises loudly sungYou are a desperate … Continue reading You Are . . . (poem)

Path Of Faith (poem)

Five-million directionsWhich way to goA plea to GodTo share what only he knowsThe path I've always takenIs leading me awayGod's words are in my heartBut what is he trying to sayTrying to close my eyesTo take away what I want to seeTrying to open my heartTo hear what he'll do with meMy former life is … Continue reading Path Of Faith (poem)

Looking for neon and blinky arrows

Lately I have been doing a lot of thinking and praying about my career.  I can't shake the feeling that the career I feel in love with so many years ago is not the career that I am meant to retire from. I fell in love with radio when I was just 9 years old. … Continue reading Looking for neon and blinky arrows

Deliver us from evil . . .

Remember those earlier days after you had received the light, when you endured in a great conflict full of suffering.  Sometimes you were publicly exposed to insult and persecution; at other times you stood side by side with those who were so treated.  You suffered along with those in prison and joyfully accepted the confiscation of your property, … Continue reading Deliver us from evil . . .

Temptation (poem)

"No temptation has seized you except what is common to man.  And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear.  But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it."1 Corinthians 10:13 Temptation or fateSin or purposeA heart that … Continue reading Temptation (poem)

Their End (short story)

They sat in his car, drowning in the silence.  He was waiting for her to pour out the words she needed to tell him.  It was cold in the car, the heater having not yet overcome the frigid January air.  Her body trembled with nervous fear that numbed her to the frosty bite of winter. "We … Continue reading Their End (short story)