Dancing with the devil

I've heard that we need to stay away from toxic people, otherwise they will bring us down to where they are rather than us lifting them up to where we are.  But how does someone who tries to see the best in everyone do that without feeling like she's given up on people?  How can … Continue reading Dancing with the devil

When will healing come?

2 weeks as of today.  That's how long this mess has been unfolding everyday at work.  With each day that passes more misdeeds come to light.  Lies told.  Money stolen.  People hurt.  And each day, and each revelation, seems to continue to be worse than the one before.  How much lower can it get?  Was … Continue reading When will healing come?

Two men in one

My heart hurts.  It is broken.  This is a road I have been down before, but this time it hurts so much more than before. I try to always see the best in people.  There is something good about everyone, some redeeming quality that keeps them from being a completely vile human being no matter … Continue reading Two men in one

A letter that will never get read

This is the fourth time I've tried to start this post.  Will this one meet with the delete button also? I need to sit down and talk with someone that I care about very much.  But due to circumstances involved with the situation I may never be given that opportunity.  When my dad was going … Continue reading A letter that will never get read

I can’t delete me

Recently there was a huge misunderstanding within my church.  A few people said somethings (myself included) about the leadership of the church.  I sided with some people without getting the entire story.  I wrote a post about the event while still in the heat of the moment, but the very next day was convicted by … Continue reading I can’t delete me