Welcome to my not-so-miniature world!


I am a miniature girl living in a not-so-miniature world.

These are my adventures of living on a step-stool, reaching for that which is always out of reach, and spending my days looking up at people.  Along the way I’ll share with you my thoughts, feelings, opinions, likes and dislikes, hopes and fears.  Maybe I will even be able to make you smile and laugh.

I am a writer of poetry, stories and whatever is floating around in my head.  I am a Christian, wife, mother, sister, daughter, aunt, lover, and friend.  I give my heart to everyone I care about, and writing is my outlet when emotions overflow.  I am an avid St. Louis Cardinals fan, supporter of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and a lover of all things colorful and sparkly.

So grab your stepstool.  If you don’t need one then you can carry mine, and you can see what it’s like to be a miniature girl living in a not-so-miniature world.


smiley face sunflower
(image courtesy of transitionnetwork.org)


10 thoughts on “Welcome to my not-so-miniature world!

  1. I actually know a lady named Carrie Lee…and she is a “little” gal as well! Me, well I’m 6’5″ tall, (geez, I know!)
    Thank you for visiting and following me. I hope you will like what my blog turns out to be. Please visit and comment anytime…

    1. It’s great to meet you as well, Jennifer. I have read a few of your posts so far and look forward to reading more from you. I am so new in my relationship with God that I am devouring everything I can get my hands on. Luckily I have been led to some wonderful blogs, yours being one of them. Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate it.

      1. Carrie,
        Thank you 🙂 Welcome to the blessed life, I am fairly new myself and know exactly what you mean. I spend more time reading than talking LOL! At times it can be hard to put the Bible first, especially with all the well-intended Christian material out there. The best advice I can offer is to have a solid foundation of God’s Word from the Bible, plant the seeds of His Words deep in the good soil of your heart, cultivate and care for them so they sprout forth and flourish and you will not be easily swayed from His Word by the enemy of lies or false doctrine. I am working on creating a guide to ‘Renewing and Reclaiming our lives in Christ’ that will speak to all this and many more crucial points in Salvation transformation because there is so much to learn 🙂
        God bless you!
        I am here to help, feel free to contact me anytime 🙂
        Jennifer – I Give God All The Glory

  2. Hi Carrie, my name is Pam, I live in the UK and am also miniature 🙂 at just about 150cm or just shy of 5 foot! I love your comments about being small. I came across your blog looking for a writing plan about Paul because God was talking to me about him this morning.

    I only discovered Scripture writing plans last year because in the UK it is less of a thing, thank you for bringing me back to it x

    1. I love Paul and his entire story. After Jesus, Paul is my favorite person the Bible. He was such a terrible man, but God turned him into one of yhe greatest voices of Christianity. If God could do that with Paul, then imagine what He can do with me or you or anyone else. Paul is my reminder that I’m never too screwed up to be used by God. I hope you enjoy the scripture writing plans. ❤

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