365 Writing Prompts, by thinkingwritten.com – Day 009 – Animals

The complete list of 365 writing prompts can be found at thinkwritten.com When I first found this list of writing prompts I told myself that I would stick to it.  For one whole year I would sit down with a new and different prompt and just let the words magically flow.  I made it to … Continue reading 365 Writing Prompts, by thinkingwritten.com – Day 009 – Animals

Suffocating Mountain (poem)

Suffocating near the mountain In the desert, finding air Blinded by its nearness Able to see when nothing's near How quickly things changed when the mountain appeared Time shifted, days stood still The past was brought back near Looking up means looking back A future haunted by the past as the mountain steals air from … Continue reading Suffocating Mountain (poem)

Fear(less) (poem)

Don't ever tell me, "You can't" Don't ever tell me, "You won't" Don't ever tell me, "You shouldn't" Don't ever tell me, "Don't" Don't ever tell me, "You might look stupid" Don't ever tell me, "You dream too much" Don't ever tell me, "You might fail" Don't ever tell me, "That's good for someone else, … Continue reading Fear(less) (poem)

Numb Life (poem)

Numb and cold living death though awake A heart that feels nothing Existing in the void everyday Ceaselessly searching for a feeling yet unfound as the heart grows colder on a path to hell it's bound To live and breathe, to feel alive To not self-destruct in the wait As senses wither swiftly There's nothing … Continue reading Numb Life (poem)

Self-destruction (poem)

History always repeats itself Life on a loop as we make the same mistakes that we swore we'd never do As we're edging ever closer to the inevitable end Life is just a showdown Life is no longer lived What will become of prayers, hopes, and dreams What are we creating building a world on … Continue reading Self-destruction (poem)

Ocean (poem)

So deep are you, Ocean A blue that never ends Depths that can't measured Moved by turbulent winds What have you seen, what have you done, endless Ocean, as you reach so far Where do you go to find your rest when your waves are at war What is there to embrace you when the … Continue reading Ocean (poem)


That's my favorite clock. I love Elvis. He is my favorite solo musician. At this moment, though, that clock is not my favorite simply because it is an Elvis clock. It is my favorite right now because I can actually hear it ticking. No, I am not, nor have I ever been, hearing impaired. Life … Continue reading Tick-tick-tick

Thunderstorm ahead

Tonight is one of those nights . . . sleepless, restless, chain-smoking, mind-all-over-the-place . . . I'm sitting in bed and typing this on my phone. Little bitty keyboard and Vienna sausage fingers . . . forgive me now for any hideous typos. I don't know that I have anything to say, but this seems … Continue reading Thunderstorm ahead

Reminder (poem)

Write when it hurts Write through the pain Write when you're unhappy or when there's nothing left to say Write through confusion through heartache and loss Write when writing is the last thing in your thoughts Write when words won't come Write when they come too fast Write about your future Write about the past … Continue reading Reminder (poem)

Endings and Beginnings

October 21, 2017 . . . that was the last time I posted anything of substance.  I posted a random poem in January, but other than that, nothing since last October.  Maybe I've had nothing to say.  Maybe I've had too much to say.  Maybe I didn't know how to say whatever it was that … Continue reading Endings and Beginnings