Solace searching

How do I write about you when I'm not allowed to even say your name? How can I pour out my heart in the only way I know how when I have to guard my heart against you? How can I speak of your eyes or your voice, your smile or your laugh, when the … Continue reading Solace searching

Is there anyone out there like me?

I have a Dr. Seuss quote on the back window of my car.  This quote is also on my Facebook page . . . We are not created to be clones of each other with the same personality, and wearing the same clothes, and going to the same restaurants, and driving the same boring cars.  … Continue reading Is there anyone out there like me?

Words (poem)

Everybody has words way down deep inside Everybody has words that sometimes can't hide Everybody has words expressed in the fluid grace of dance Gliding, leap, soar the words twisting them into chance Everybody has words in the lilting notes of a song A gentle hum or belted tune free the words so strong Everybody … Continue reading Words (poem)

Unwelcome (poem)

Get out of my head You're not welcome there Your memory is unwanted From a past secretly shared You have no place in my world Of your memory I have no need You were a hurdle to overcome A hurdle I no longer see So stop finding ways into my head Through my memories and … Continue reading Unwelcome (poem)

The True Heart of Memphis

I will admit that this particular blog has been difficult to write. I have struggled for about three weeks to find the right words to share this experience with you so that you could see it the way I did. There were many false starts that ended with me hitting the delete button on the … Continue reading The True Heart of Memphis

Memory Lane

Sometimes I miss you Out of the blue Sometimes I miss you There's nothing I can do I can go for days For weeks at a time Then all of the sudden you're there Sitting on top of my mind Sometimes I miss you Your laugh and your fear All the dreams you were reaching … Continue reading Memory Lane

Unwelcome (poem)

Just when I think you're gone you haunt me in a dream The one place I can't escape you The last place you find me I turn my head and there you are A reminder of what is gone Tempting me to go back to that place The battle still wages on I've come too … Continue reading Unwelcome (poem)

But Now I See (poem)

How is it possible to see through closed eyes To live always in the dark Then to open your eyes, be filled with light And have the truth flood your heart Was the truth always in front of my eyes Or was it hiding away unseen Was it ignored because it would hurt To destroy … Continue reading But Now I See (poem)

Let go (poem)

I fought to make you part of my life Then I fought to let you go You were all I could see You were all I wanted to know Yours was the only music I wanted to hear You were the only person I wanted in my life so near I wanted to give you … Continue reading Let go (poem)

Wonderfully and fearfully made

I have four tattoos. I have a nose ring. I have very darkly colored hair. I like to wear dark eyeliner. What do these things tell you about who I am.  Not a single thing.  Those attributes do not tell you what is in my heart.  They merely tell you how I choose to make … Continue reading Wonderfully and fearfully made